Covid 19 - FAQ

Liebe XLR8 Community!

Unser Ziel ist es, euch ein Live-Erlebnis der Sonderklasse zu bieten. Wir bemühen uns darum, das angedachte Programm vollwertig umsetzen zu können. 

Dabei sind wir leider unbestreitbar von der Pandemielage abhängig und müssen gegebenenfalls das Programm von XLR8 2021 adaptieren.

Sobald es COVID-19-Updates für XLR8 gibt, werden wir euch hier auf dieser Seite informieren.

Bleibt gesund!

On the part of XLR8 no vaccination is required for a visit, also on the part of the legislator it won’t be a issue, at least for the summer of 2021. The attitude and opinion on vaccination polarizes, both opinions will be represented and welcome at XLR8 in the future!

The testing and the tremendous scientific advances that are being made in this area are, in our opinion, key to the possible implementation of XLR8 in 2021. We think the proof of a negative test, in addition to the ticket, is the all-important health ticket in times of pandemic. Verifying this proof will be a technical challenge. How old this proof may be and how often it may have to be renewed are questions to which politicians and legislators in particular must provide answers. Austria now has a very good testing infrastructure, so that a digital result is available free of charge in mass testing stations, pharmacies, and also from doctors within 15 minutes.

Getting tested is in our opinion a completely legetime effort to be able to attend a festival in these times.

In case you are positive and therefore can’t visit XLR8 there is the possibility to protect yourself preventively. Our ticket provider Paylogic/Seetickets offers an insurance of Booking Protect in our store, with which you get the ticket price refunded in case of illness and thus also in case of a Covid infection proven by a test.

Should XLR8 be cancelled another time, we offer 100% security and transparency as usual. Your tickets will remain valid under all circumstances.

XLR8 existed before Covid and will continue to exist after Covid. Even another cancellation in 2021 will not change anything and an economic survival is guaranteed by responsible management. So ticket holders do not have to fear for their money in any case!

Certain adaptations will have to be made in 2021, but these adaptations will mainly relate to logistical areas, such as entrances and the like. The musical offer, the size of the site, etc. will not be affected by Covid-19 adaptations, or only slightly.



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